Production & Nutrition

Before you get way too excited, a warning: we are not going to tell you how to make Miles of Chocolate® at home. It’s a secret recipe, and, well…if we told you it wouldn’t be a secret. But we would like to show you what goes into Miles of Chocolate. We’re really proud of our chocolate and thought you’d like to see how it’s made.

We begin with butter. Lots of butter.

As Julia Child so perfectly put it, “If it weren’t for butter, we’d all turn into dandruff and just blow away.” We couldn’t agree more…as chefs we just couldn’t imagine life without it.

Eat Miles of Chocolate. Don’t blow away in the wind. Given the wind we have in Texas, that’s good advice. 

Next, we add fresh eggs, and blend in a pure chocolate mixture that we make in our kitchen. We do that step with the lights out, partly because the chocolate is very sensitive at that point (think about what it’s going to turn into…) and partly because you never know who’s snappin’ pics with a mobile!



Finally, Miles personally inspects and labels each brick and off they go, wrapped and stacked in the chiller where they stay until you adopt a little piece and take it home.

Miles of Chocolate…made fresh, by hand. We know you’ll enjoy it.

Ask for it by name in better stores and restaurants.



Pictured here, Miles Compton and Ben Welch in the kitchen where they make Miles of Chocolate.




Nutrition Information