Gluten-Free: The Reviews Are In!
Atlanta’s Gluten Free Gigi gives Miles of Chocolate “two thumbs up.” Take a look at her review of our gluten-free product. Did you say “gluten free chocolate?” Check it out: Gigi explains it all.
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There’s a reason they make it in the dark.
At Stephanie Klein’s book-signing, the food item she had shipped to me was – according to the website – a “baked chocolate dessert.” After tasting it, I realized that this is like calling Michael Jordan merely “a basketball player” or Warren Buffet merely “a stock analyst.”
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The French Fork
It’s too good to keep it just for myself! You MUST try Miles of Chocolate baked chocolate dessert. If you love chocolate, then you will adore it.
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Chocolate May Boost Brain Power
Think of it, instead of getting smarter by staying at Holiday Inn® you can just relax with friends and enjoy Miles of Chocolate.
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The Daily Candy
Last year you were dedicated to Buddhism. Six months ago it was Kabbalah all the way. Until, that is, you had your chakras realigned, which brought out your Thetan aura. But, really, what good is religion when compared to the divinely inspired Miles of Chocolate? Find out in this edition of “The Daily Candy.”
The Daily Candy

Austin Chronicle
Virginia Wood talks with Miles about a half-ton shipment of Miles of Chocolate®to Whole Foods Market.
Austin Chronicle 

Austin Chronicle
Virginia describes her sampling of Tito’s Texas Vodka and a new dessert called Miles of Chocolate, a cross between a dense, rich brownie and a melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate truffle.
Austin Chronicle 

Austin Chronicle
In this article by MM Pack Miles of Chocolate is the subject of chocolate as an obsession.
Austin Chronicle 

Austin American Statesman
In an article about “Miles of Chocolate” by Kitty Crider, Kitty asks “Is it an underbaked brownie, a crusty truffle or fudge?” Her answer? “This chocolate is whatever you want it to be”. We agree!